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One of the things I struggle with every time Dee grows to a new stage is finding new toys she really enjoys and plays with. Being first born of five, I remember the same struggle finding good toys for my siblings as toddlers. Thinking of this, I decided to gather some of our favorite toys into this wonderful inspiration post for toys your toddler would love!

I have included toys that Dee currently has, toys that my siblings have used as well as cool toys we have hidden and waiting for her second birthday this year! Also, I have tried to organize everything by brand names you probably already recognize.

As always, at the end of this post I would love to hear your feedback and any comments on the post (especially any of your favorite toys I may not have yet discovered!)

This post contains affiliate links, which I will earn commission on at no extra cost to you. Quality is important to me, I will never recommend a product or brand I have not personally used and loved!

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug will be the first toy brand I talk about, and I have a ton of toys listed with them, because, well, they’re AMAZING!! Everything they make is bright and colorful, and (most everything) they make is real wood! They are parents themselves, so they really do know what they’re doing.

#1 Chef’s Kitchen Pretend Play Set

We have this pretty pink kitchen set, and we partly chose this because it also comes with 4 trays of pretend food! The kitchen itself is very good quality, (yet quite a challenge to put together, honestly). My boyfriend and I spent half the night last Christmas putting it together… luckily, I got a homemade bottle of wine from his aunt as my present. 😉 (It didn’t survive through to this year..) The pretend food comes in small wooden crates, which fit perfectly inside the fridge with plenty of room for more! There are four crates; one with dairy and an egg, one with veggies and fruits, one with grains, and one with meats.

#2 Kitchen Accesory Set

For this kitchen set, you definitely need some dishes and accessories! We got her this set, which comes with over 20 pieces, including; a salt and pepper shaker, an oven mitt, plates, cups, and even a fully functional timer! (Dee thinks the timer is music and dances to the ticking!) This little set is perfect and Dee has so much fun immitating what I am doing in the kitchen, from salting her dishes to putting on the mitt to removea pan from the oven!

#3 Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Play Set

Now, the previous set I mentioned comes with a pot and a couple pans, but we bought her this set as well, which includes 3 pots/pans, a strainer, wooden utensils, and even a rack to store all these thigns! (I’m very jealous of the rack… why don’t our dishes come with cool things like theirs?!) The best part about these dishes? They’re stainless steel! This makes cleaning them the easiest toy you will ever clean.

#4 Deluxe Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Set

Here is a set of stainless steel dishes from Melissa and Doug that I wish I had seen before purchasing the set last mentioned. It includes the 3 pots/pans, strainer, wooden utensils, and rack that the last one has, yet includes more somehow! (If you spend the extra on this set, you’re smarter than me for taking the time to do your research!)

#5 Cutting Fruit

Here is a set of fruits that you can cut with a pretend knife! The knife is wooden, so no sharp edges! However, you do still need to be watching over your child when they’re using this! (Especially if they’re a young toddler, such as Dee who is only 21 months.) We have not yet got this for Dee, but this exact set was one of my siblings’ favorites when they were little, and I can’t wait to get it for her!

#6 Pizza Party and Sandwich Making Set

This set we are getting Dee for her second birthday in a few months,( well, we already have it, just hidden so she doesn’t find it before!) She hasn’t seen it, but we may have opened it and checked it out one night. There is more opportunity for cutting (but with no sharp edges!) as well as the opportunity for them to make you some food! They can be as creative as they want with this set and they’ll feel good about “cooking their own food” while you fix a meal.

#7 Felt Food Sandwich Set

If you are worried about the wooden set being a bit too hard, or your child getting frustrated with themselves over it (I know Dee has a short temper with herself, especially when it comes to her kitchen things!), then this felt sandwich set may be a better idea. Dee loves this set, as she can do whatever she wants with it and if she drops it it doesn’t hurt her little toes!

#8 Prented Cleaning Set

The next toy set is one of Dee’s favorites, and mine! (You’ll see why, momma. 😉 ) When I clean, I use products that look a lot like these, so when I clean, she uses these and does too! These prodcuts are super easy to keep clean, even if your child uses them for actual cleaning jobs. (Post on how to clean cleaning supplies!!) I keep them stored right next to her kitchen, because she likes to use them a lot!

#9 Grocery Store

This is another addition for Dee’s kitchen that we plan on getting for her for her second birthday. It is a little pretend grocery store, fully enjoyable with even a working touchpad on the debit machine, allowing kids to write! The one downside I found with this is there is no option to buy the pretend foods shown in some of the pictures of the product. However, I plan on saving some cereal and pasta boxes to fill this up for her! (Separate post on how to recycle some of your kitchen things for use in pretend kitchen!)

There are so so so many good Melissa and Doug toys! I literally want all of them, I could decorate my house with their toys even after my baby has grown! I seriously love them that much…

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