Best Products for Moms in 2020

Since you found out you were carrying a little surprise, you’ve probably been focused on baby products…(lots and lots of baby products.) But what about you? You deserve some cool new presents for carrying your baby! 

Halfway through my pregnancy, I had already bought a lot of the basic baby necessities. Then I realized that my changing body deserved some care as well. I have gathered this list of wonderful products that will be useful to you if you are a new or seasoned mom. (This list is also perfect for gift ideas for the pregnant woman or mom in your life 😉

Putting together your nursery is fun and exciting! Even though it is a positive thing, it can be very overwhelming and exhausting. You need to be preparing for baby, and part of that means preparing yourself to be the best mother you can be, and we can’t run without some self-pampering!

Being the organized person I am (well, strive to be..) I have come up with products for every piece of motherhood from pregnancy to home decor to make your journey (and home!) feel a little cozier. 

pink presents- Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels


The first section of products I would like you to know about are (of course) related to pregnancy! Since this is the first stage of motherhood, there is a lot of preparation that your mind and body needs to do. While you will never be fully prepared for what your little one may throw your way, you can rest knowing you are trying with these simple (non-pricey!) tools of early motherhood.

1. Stretch marks during and after pregnancy was one of my biggest fears. I had never had any, and finally had the figure I had always wanted. I did not want to lose that to some pesky stretch marks. I knew that cocoa butter was wonderful for scars and skin, as I was already using a pure form of it daily. I think that’s why when I found this Palmer’s cocoa butter specifically designed for stretch marks, I was so excited!

Honestly, I first found this at Walmart and later discovered that it is cheaper on Amazon! I bought this size bottle for about $10 at the time (apparently it is now on Amazon for $5!) and it lasted throughout most of my pregnancy. I bought another bottle about a month before I had Dee, which is the one I still occasionally use today. As a way of taking care of my growing belly during pregnancy, I rubbed lotion into it everyday! I never saw a single stretch mark and it even has helped diminish my C-section scar to almost nothing! Easy to say that this is one of the best $20 I have ever spent.

2. The next product I am showing you is one I think every single pregnant woman ends up using/needing… a body pillow!

It was so freaking hard to sleep when I was pregnant. I’m a side/stomach sleeper, so when I got big I needed that support under my legs and belly so I could still sleep comfortably. Compared to competitor pregnancy pillows, I find this one to be cheap considering its value and my love for Malouf brand! It is shaped to wrap around your body specifically while pregnant. And the material used in the pillow is oh so soft but still somehow firm. After having Dee, I used it to make a little cocoon for her to lay with me in bed when dad wasn’t home. That firm texture makes it perfect height that she couldn’t roll over it until around 5 months. This pillow is also perfect as it has a soft, breathable material that baby cannot suffocate on by rolling into the pillow. 

You have to try it for yourself, it’s just to good for me to keep trying to describe.

3. Everyone has heard of what I refer to as”The Pregnancy Bible”…. the famous What to Expect When You Are Expecting. I know this book seems cliche at this point, but it really is up-to-date with useful information!

This book has sections for each week of pregnancy to tell you what your body is going through, what your baby is going through, and what to look out for. There is also wonderful sections on preparing to breastfeed, preparing yourself for labor and delivery (and the possibility of a cesarean section), and even pieces for how you can help dad or he can help you! 

4. I always have been a chocolate addict. If I haven’t had some by noon, I’m cranky. This was especially the case when I was pregnant, but I was trying so hard not to indulge on my bad cravings every time they came over me.

As a kid, my mom gave me Ovaltine as my chocolate milk. As an adult, I am so thankful for this as no other chocolate milk hits the spot like this does. Not only is this chocolate milk mix delicious, it is packed full of nutrients that your body needs- especially during pregnancy!

The canister shown is linked from Amazon, and is the same exact price there as it is at my local Walmart. I strongly recommend this drink mix to everyone, even the men in your life!

Postpartum & Breastfeeding

Next, we will get right into products for postpartum healing and breastfeeding! (If you don’t plan on breastfeeding, I am not trying to push you with this post! Though I do believe it is the best thing for your baby 😉

I did not plan on having a c-section…at all. I expected to just need to wear my belly band for a few months after having Dee and continue my good eating habits and yoga. I even thought breastfeeding would come easy to Dee and I and my milk would flow well. Oh was I wrong. 

In hopes that I can help another mom from struggling on what she needs postpartum, I’ve created this list of my favorite products for postnatal healing and breastfeeding.

1. The first product I would like to introduce to you is one I wish I had found earlier in my recovery process! This is a 3-in-1 postpartum girdle. There are different stages in recovery that you wear each one, and eventually you can wear all 3. This girdle provides wonderful back, abdomen, and pelvis support that is very much needed after having a baby through cesarean section.

I really wish I had this specific “belly band” when I was breastfeeding Dee. It provides support for me to sit up straight that I couldn’t keep sitting in a chair nursing/pumping all day. Also, it keeps your breasts pushed up a bit, adding a bit extra support under the super comfy nursing bras I very highly recommend below!

2. As I mentioned before, these bras are the absolute best ones I have ever found! I still wear mine just because they are sooo comfortable. (Dee is about to turn 2, mind you…) I even found these when I was pregnant and didn’t wear another bra until date night after pregnancy.

I’ll stop now, but you seriously should try these bras. They’re like cloud cups for your boobs, and with all the work they’ll be doing, they deserve a comfy home.

*UPDATE: This is not the brand that I first bought, I can no longer find the original bra I got on Amazon. These bras are just as good if not better than the first ones I found!*

3. I know this product was under pregnancy, too, but I wanted to place it under postpartum and breastfeeding as well so you know how important it is for your recovery. As I mentioned in the last referral of this cocoa butter lotion, it has helped my scar reduce to barely noticeable and has kept the stretch marks completely away!

Your recovering belly will thank you for this lotion. 🙂

4. This pillow was one of the best tools I found for nursing. I was able to use this with Dee the entire time I breastfed her. (We had to stop when she was 7 months, sadly.)

I had a cesarean section, so the support I usually had from my back and stomach were completely gone. My Brest Friend helped keep my posture up as well as help my arm from holding a 10lb baby for hours on end. (I also learned it was so much easier to get myself food while nursing with this pillow! 😉

As you can see in the picture, the pillow has size adjustors so that you have the perfect fit to nurse your baby comfortably. All those late nights and long days nursing were so much easier for me when I used my nursing pillow. The other plus you can see in the picture is a handy side pocket for just about anything! It fits a small water bottle and my phone, which I would say is a bit large. 

There was only one downfall I found with this nursing pillow; it can be hard to use a manual pump on the side the baby is not on. After a while, I was able to position her, the pillow, and I so that I could utilize a manual pump while she nursed. I’ve been wanting to write a post on nursing positions, this would be something I could include with my other experiences!

5. The next product I would like you to know about is for breastfeeding. These packs can be cold or heated and even used while you’re pumping! 

I struggled with so many things brestfeeding; my breasts were always so sore, I could not get comfortable because of the cesarean, and for some reason my production was good but let-down was terrible.

Discovering these booby packs (as hubby and I named them..) was such a relief! They can be used cold and warm, just on your breast, over your pump flange, or even on your sore abdomen. I’ll even admit to you that I never put these away with my breastfeeding supplies… one is in the freezer, one ready to be heated if needed. I love them that much.

6. I have previously mentioned that I struggled with breastfeeding. (If you would like to know more about that, I have written an entire post about Dee and I’s journey breastfeeding.) Naturally, this means I want to help as many moms as I can have success in their journey’s.

This Mother’s Milk Tea was my best friend while nursing. I didn’t even like tea when I first started drinking this, and I began to like it so much that I am now an avid tea drinker of all kinds! The flavor of this tea is so light and nice, I was calmed and warmed with every sip. Let-down after drinking a nice hot cup of this tea was almost instant!

Another HUGE benefit of this tea I noticed was when I drank it prior to or during nursing, Dee was so calm and usually put right to sleep. (She was a baby who never slept… so this was so amazing we cried happy.)

Beauty & Fitness

I rarely wear makeup as I’m sensitive to makeup along with makeup remover products. As far as “beauty”, I have a few brands that work for me and some natural remedies that I have found.

Fitness after birth whether naturally or by cesarean needs to be approved by your obstetrician and taken slowly. As always, I recommend yoga highly and have included some products that will help you on your recovery and beyond. 

*If you have sensitive skin and know of some makeup/skincare products that work well, please let me know about them in the comments! 🙂 * 

1. Coconut oil is not something I use in cooking, but it’s one of my favorite beauty products for many reasons. Put a little on a cloth and use it to rub off mascara. I have recipes for hair masks, lotions and creams, and more using this as a base.

Another huge plus to this is it lasts forever, I bought this bottle about a year and a half ago, and still use the same one!

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